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Since there are several clubs around the country under Master D'Amico's guidance, we have attempted to gather a list of students with contact information and club affiliation. If you would like to be added to this list, or modify/remove your information, please feel free to email us at


Last Name First Name Email address Club Affiliation Status
Alonso Carmen calonso250 -at- WISC active
Anderson Sapna  gatheringrosebuds -at- WISC active
Beals Katie katie.beals -at- PENN active*
Bhattacharya Dr. A. K. (Master, 6th Dan) mosum -at- Bhattacharya TKD active*
Bodin Chris cbodin -at-    
Bradt Joke jbradt -at- PENN active*
Cavalier Brian briancavalier -at-    
Chang Ling P. lingpchang -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Chirikov Viktor vvc209 -at- PENN alumn inactive
Choset Howie choset -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Condon Myrna D. myrnadcondon -at- New Bedford inactive*
D'Amico Dr. Anthony (Master) adamico -at- New Bedford  
Dieterle Stephanie sdieterle -at- Dudley, MA inactive*
Donoghue Aaron  donoghue -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Doyle Bridget Bridgetmarydoyle -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Doyle Sarah  sarahdoyle669 -at- PENN alumn inactive
Duda Lili dudal -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Duray Zach zduray -at - UIUC active*
Elmer Melinda melinda.elmer -at- Choi Tkd Long Beach active*
Erel Sarhan  S20873SE -at- New Bedford inactive
Filiaci Mattia filiaci -at- NYC inactive
Flores Donna dflores -at- YB Chois active
Forlizzi Jodi jodi -at- CMU inactive*
Gifford Drew sgifford -at- UIUC inactive*
Griffin Maureen A. maureen -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Haddadj Slimane  slimane.haddadj -at- PENN alumn inactive
Henner Nathan nhenner -at- New Bedford inactive*
Henner Nicholas nhenner40 -at- New Bedford inactive*
Hoffman Ben bahoffman -at- PENN alumn inactive
Hogan Maureen mhogan -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Holland Greg GHolland -at- PENN alumn inactive
Jain Amit amitjain2006 -at- UIUC active*
Jensen Barbara Schroeder  barbaramarie728 -at- PENN inactive*
Jim Belinda  belinda_bun_jim -at- PENN alumn inactive
Jones Malcolm Taekwon27 -at- PENN alumn active*
Joyce Kate k_joyce -at- PENN active*
Kerr Wesley  wesley1610 -at- PENN inactive*
Kim Robin robin_kim2 -at- New Bedford inactive
Klaumenzer Tony  akla -at- PENN inactive
Kornfeld Linda lkornfeld -at- PENN alumn inactive
Leal Laurie DragonSpirit28 -at- New Bedford active
Lechner Brian brian_lechner -at-    
Lehrhoff Adam  alehrhoff -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Leinwand Sarah  sgleinwand -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Leri Damien damien -at- PENN inactive*
Leung Helen helenleung84 -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Limsa Saiman limsa -at- PENN inactive*
Lin Grace grlin -at- PENN alumn inactive
Looney William G. looney_bill -at- Dudley, MA inactive*
Macera Felice (Master) felice -at- PENN active*
McNulty Bernadette  mcnultywalks -at- PENN alumn inactive*
McShane Michael m_m_mcshane -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Mello Dina dinalp -at- New Bedford inactive
Morrison Norm morrison -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Murchison Sarah (Master) smurchis54 -at- Y.B. Choi active*
Muthler Greg muthler -at- Austin active*
Nagpal Umang umang.nagpal -at- WISC active*
Neal Georgeanna J. gnpoling -at- Shorin-Ryu Karate of Williamsburg inactive*
Neumann Wilhelm  cascadedreams -at- PENN alumn inactive
Nguyen Kenny nguyen -at- PENN inactive
Nitschke Jack (Master) jnitschke -at- WISC active*
Olson Brant brantolson -at- WISC active*
Osgood Keren Valin kvosgood -at- UIUC active*
Ostrand Phil Phil.Ostrand -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Pancu Diana dipancu -at- PENN alumn inactive
Parameswaran Shibin shibin_p -at- San Diego active*
Peckarsky Matthew frijoleromp -at- PENN alumn inactive
Perlman Abigail  abigailbehr -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Peters Mark mpetersrx7 -at- Austin active*
Prince Lisa lisap616 -at- Dudley, MA inactive*
Prowse Claudine claudineprowse -at- PENN alumn active
Rettler Amy rettler.amy -at- WISC active*
Resnitsky Julia juliares -at- PENN inactive
Roark Jessica JessicaHRoark -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Rosales Ignacio (Master) icrr1027 -at- PENN alumn active*
Rosas Jose quqo -at- New Bedford active
Roy Sylvain (Master) magogmaster -at- Magog, Canada active*
Ruck Dustin dustinruck -at- Magog, Canada active*
Ruiz Guillermo gruiz2788 -at- UIUC active*
Runde Robert r_runde -at- PENN alumn inactive
Saegaert Tara  S23173TS -at- New Bedford  
Saunders Mara marsie80 -at- New Bedford inactive
Scalari Alberto albertomaria66 -at- New York active*
Seybold Dave dwseybold -at- WIC active*
Shryock Kevin kshryock -at- UIUC active*
Silva Mario Mstkd1999 -at- New Bedford inactive
Silverman Emma egsilverman -at- WISC active*
Skurich Nicole nskurich -at- WISC active*
Slaff Barry barry_slaff -at- PENN inactive*
Slotter Stan  trum.flu -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Smith Andrew ajsmith78 -at- UIUC alum active*
Smith Darin dsmith1972 -at- Seattle active*
Smith Katherine (Kate) smith.katherine.w -at- PENN alumn active*
Sohn Jackie jsscostello -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Solit David solitd -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Solit Rick ricksolit -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Solomon-Strutz Candice candice.solomon -at- UIUC active*
Spielman Terence P.  terence -at- PENN alumn inactive
Splaine Kim KJSplaine -at- New Bedford inactive
Steuer David  david.h.steuer -at- PENN alumn inactive
Stonestrom Aaron stonestr -at- PENN inactive
TBO Jibi mission_thibault -at- Magog, Canada active*
Valentine Lisa livalentine -at- PENN alumn inactive
Vigroux Wendy wendy_jamfranusa -at- PENN alumn inactive*
Wallhagen Michelle MWallhagen -at- PENN alumn inactive
Wallhagen Morgan morgan.wallhagen -at- PENN inactive
Ware Jeff   PENN alumn inactive
Wilder Robert rjwilder4 -at- PENN active*
Young Matthew matthewyoung2008 -at- Harvard active*
Zanger David chon-ji-tkd -at- Chon Ji TKD active
Zarecki Alex azarecki -at- New Bedford inactive*